Old Wheels In Motion Rally
Biloela   (Central   Queensland),   the   "Land   of   the   White   Cockatoo",   will   be   abuzz   with the   sound   of   engines   whirring,   the   clatter   of   horses   hooves,   the   puffs   of   steam   and smoke,    as    people    from    all    over    come    to    congregate    and    celebrate    our    nation's glorious    past    and    the    pioneering    spirit    of    Australian's    as    the    Callide    Dawson Machinery   Preservation   Club   Inc.   hosts   the   18th Annual   Old   Wheels   In   Motion      Rally on the 20th & 21st July, 2019.  The   Queensland   Heritage   Park,   sometimes   fondly   referred   to   as   the   "Silo"   by   locals, will   be   the   backdrop   for   the   event.      Situated   at   the   edge   of   the   central   business district,   the   towering   "Silo"   structure   (originally   from   the   Expo   '88   site   in   Brisbane)   can be   seen   for   miles   away,   acting   as   a   beacon   to   those   who   are   interested   in   all   things heritage and days of yore. The   two   day   event   will   see   exhibitors   from   Queensland,   and   across   our   great   land, come   together   to   host   a   working   rally   which   showcases   the   uniqueness   of   the   many vintage   machines   and   collectables   on   display.      Demonstrations   and   events,   like   the vintage    tractor    pull,    the    tractor    balancing    competition    and    the    traditional    grand parade,   amalgamate   with   displays   of   traditional   crafts   and   trades   to   educate   and entertain. Explore,   discover   and   relive   the   past   as   you   browse   through   the   large   array   of displays   and   view   the   many   demonstrations,   including   gold   stamping,   blacksmithing, chaff   cutting,   corn   shelling,   etc.      Market   stalls,   trade   and   swap   meet   sites   will   also   add to   the   overall   atmosphere   with   a   large   array   of   items   for   sale   including   patchwork quilts,    heritage    fence    panels,    painted    saws,    gourmet    handmade    soaps,    tools, leatherwork, woodwork and much, much more. Gates open at 8.00am daily.  Evening functions/events can be attended by pre-sold ticket.  Entry prices are as follows:  Adults $10.00.  Students/Pensioners $7.00.  Family (2 x Adults and 2 x Children (over 12 years) $25.00.  Children (under 12 years) Free. FOR FURTHER EVENT INFORMATION CLICK HERE NOW!!
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